Y que luego vengan diciendo que quitan el impuesto a las grandes fortunas...
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Twi**er seemed, for a long time, like it provided more context than any one news source, because (a) it algorithmically surfaced topics you were interested in and (b) thus let you see a wider array of sources. (Facebook’s news experiment promised this, as well.)

But in the end, because the goal was engagement rather than information, there was an inevitable escalation: all the inflammatory stuff from everywhere with none of the context from anywhere.

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Tengo amigos que me tachan de exagerada cuando les digo que no tengo bizum, que no posteo fotos,... que intento proteger mi privacidad y la de los míos en internet.


#Nature #News ‘ChatGPT detector’ catches AI-generated papers with unprecedented accuracy. Tool based on machine learning uses features of writing style to distinguish between human and AI authors. nature.com/articles/d41586-023 #CellReportsPhysicalScience Distinguishing academic science writing from humans or ChatGPT with over 99% accuracy using off-the-shelf machine learning tools sciencedirect.com/science/arti

con un muelle gigante. Aprendiendo desde chico los básicos de la Física.

"Full access", "free access", "open access"... Entonces, ¿lo puedo poner en mi repositorio, o no?

Otra práctica , esta vez de Wiley. Jugar a la confusión les sale muy rentable.

There is a new feature of Mastodon that I wanted to highlight for you all.

I had no use for the Lists feature before- but as of the recent 4.2 update, you can put some people you follow into a list- and then you can check a box in that list's details to NOT SHOW their posts in your main feed.

This could totally change Mastodon for me, in the best way.

I follow some newsy-political accounts, and often rush by them in the feed if I'm not in the mood to hear (more) bad news. Now I can put them in a list and not see them at all in and among the feed of real thoughts, pictures, artwork and jokes you amazing people share.

And when I actually feel like engaging with the news/politics of the world, I can pop over to that list and see only that stuff in there.

This way you can have customized feeds of different kinds of accounts, and just see your tried and true favorite people in the main feed.

It's a multi-Mastodon-feed experience, separated by mood and preference.
Which for me is brilliant!

Hemos entrado en una era en la que se le da menos importancia a lo que se produce (información, bienes) o su calidad, que a la velocidad a la que se difunde.
Lo importante es la derivada, y que tenga pendiente positiva.

¿O ha sido siempre así, y es que me he hecho mayor? 🤔

At Mozilla, we believe that social media is fundamentally broken and the only way to fix it is by showing the world what is possible when a social platform is built with Mozilla's principles for a healthier internet, instead of shareholders' best interests, at its core.

Are you interested in joining us?


If you'd like your (public) posts to appear in search results on Mastodon, remember that you need to opt-in. Edit Profile → Privacy and Reach → Include public posts in search results. 14K people have opted-in so far!

#Mastodon 4.2 is out! This massive update features new search functionality and many usability improvements. See the extensive changelog and upgrade instructions here:


The new 4.2 version of #Mastodon includes significant improvements in the search function!

My favourite one, which I've been using a lot lately to find new people to follow, is that profile search now works on bios too and not just the user name. So if you type, say, "astronomer", "scicomm" or "journalist", you'll find people with those words in their bio.

And the opt-in full-text search for posts, with operators, is also great!


New practice from Nature:
Publishers provide authors with a read-only link to their papers for sharing in social media.
🔗 springernature.com/gp/research

The content and rights are once again stolen from authors and funders of the research.

This is awesome! Full text search has come to Mastodon, and it's being rolled out in a responsible way.

I know full text search is a hot-button issue. For journalists, researchers and many others, FTS is essential. Plenty of others have good reason to keep their content unsearchable.

If you're in the latter category, you don't need to take any action. Your toots will remain unsearchable just as they were before.

For the rest, please manually change the default so your toots will be searchable. This will address a major shortcoming that has kept a huge number of fedi holdouts from joining.

To do that, go to Preferences > Public Profile and select the Privacy and Reach tab. Then check the Include profile page in search engines box.

If you have a WordPress-powered blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server and people will be able to follow the blog from Mastodon etc.

More info on how to do this here:

➡️ fedi.tips/wordpress-turning-yo

This works through the AcitvityPub for WordPress plug-in, which has just been updated to version 1.0:

➡️ wordpress.org/plugins/activity

The plug-in is by @pfefferle in association with #Automattic, one of the major players behind WordPress itself.

#WordPress #Fediverse #FediTips #ActivityPub

🔗 Si buscas una alternativa a linktr.ee para tu perfil, únete a no.mbre.es

Un servicio mantenido por @niboe :niboe:

People who have created a fediverse account for your lab: how did you decide on a server?

We want to share our research updates with a lab account, but there are so many considerations to make regarding moderation, federation, donation, visibility, etc etc 🫨

#Academia #FediMigration #Mastodon #SciComm #ScientificCommunication #Research #Fediverse #FediMeta #Lab #ResearchLab #Outreach #Education #SocialMedia

The search interface has been updated again—you've now got infinite scroll on search results. Want to search for something you've already bookmarked? Add in:library to your search query.

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