Quería tomarme un momento para agradecer a por su generosidad. No puedo esperar para estrenarlos! Es bueno saber que se preocupan por la comunidad, tomándose el tiempo para demostrarlo con grandes gestos como este.
¡Realmente han hecho mi día! 🤗

Mi charla del último SANS DFIR Summit 2022 fue un gran desafío personal y una muy agradable experiencia que espero pueda serle util a la comunidad cyber😊


This image was specially built for my 2022 talk. The repository comes with a Docker image of jupyterhub installed along with a Jupyter notebook example.


Did you miss the Summit 2022?

No worries! This is a curated list of links and resources brought to the attendees this year (Including mine ☺️)


Are you still struggling to properly format an XML response?

The Pandas_read_xml library reads files and retrieves data of all subsequent fields.

This code example will help you to get it.

auditctl controls the status and some basic system parameters of the audit daemon. To define a file system rule, use the following syntax:
auditctl -w path_to_file -p permissions -k key_name
In our case will be:
auditctl -w /usr/bin/python2.7 -p rwa -k python

Based on my last Summit talk, I'm upgrading an IR Notebook which demonstrates a simple way to analyze and enrich using , Threat Intel , Google Sheets, and Google DataStudio dashboard.

Pairing with a custom integration script to send requests to an IPv6 geolocation service and enrich login attempts. With Wazuh you can develop whatever integration script in order to interact with almost any API service 😉


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