Few quick Mastodon tweaks I like:

* Settings > "Enable advanced web interface" is Tweetdeck and works really well.

* In your notification column, turn off all the "Play sound" toggles and turn on the "show filter bar" to be able to see favorites, follows, etc. by type.

* The web app is good! The official mobile app's not bad, either. But there are a lot of app options with different flavors worth trying out. Toot is popular on iOS. On Android, I use Yuito: bit.ly/3jjtzif

Trump is bored, angry and isolated in his post-presidential twilight, served almost exclusively by sycophants, seeking out adulation from Mar-a-Lago guests, futzing with the music in the dining room, shouting at random employees to bring him Diet Cokes

Drag show in Austin canceled after fascist threats 

Nazi groups, including the Christofascist youth group, New Colombia Movement, just got a #drag show in #AustinTX canceled. I know for a fact that community defense organizations including the local John Brown Gun Club offered aid. I respect the performers choice to protect themselves but hate seeing the fascists successfully attack #queer culture, again. This is a genocidal movement.

A TERF conference is reportedly headed to Austin in April. We need to get organized.
#LGBTQIA #Fascism #antifascist #news

Man, think about all the regular users who aren't obsessed with #Twitter, and have Linktree in their bio, or run a small business and tweet things like "please follow us on Facebook!" Imagine being normal and getting banned for that lmao.

Statement from Washington Post Executive Editor Sally Buzbee:

Every GOP official, especially party leaders like Kevin McCarthy, should be asked, wherever they go, whenever they appear, whether they condemn Trump’s call for termination of “all rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the Constitution” so that Trump can now be declared the winner.
They must utterly reject and walk away from this seditious, authoritarian madman. Now.


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