@malteengeler I don't get that when billionaires want to shove their new dystopic sh1t onto the planet, every media outlet - yes, every, even yootoobers and twitchers - start ramping it up and speaking about it as the next logical step for reality,

But when ecological, humane & ethical approach to tech that has been developing for ages is presented, they go like:
"that would never happen. Its too idealistic, its not concrete. We need to be pratical and think of what exists already and make abritrarely little incremental changes"

@olamundo @malteengeler yeah but, in the long run, we win anyway.

I've been using libre/free open source software with provenance older than the FSF and GNU, e.g. Citadel, BSDs, guess what?

More or less everyone uses code from BSDs.

Microsoft, Google, Apple.

AWS is based around Linux mostly.

The real annoyance: why do bozo robber barons such as Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg et al make money off of things that so many of us have been co-creating for free?

Being a jerk isn't a good look IMHO.

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