Considering how developed nations thought only of themselves during the Pandemic - and had the total lack of notion and shame to unillatery declare "The End of The Pandemic" repeatedly since 2021 - I have no actual hopes they will tackle climate change and mass pollution (by plastic, lead, and other toxic and radioactive material) without a lot of environmental prejudice, racism, xenophobia and neocolonization.


In fact, whenever EU decides something for the good of all (european) humans, corporations shove their shit in the global South.

Whenever Facebook & cia gets regulated, they just more agressively mine and sell the personal data of humans of the global south.

Whenever a "Plastic Free By 2019 Europe!" bill passes, there is an increase of plastic production and offer here in the South.

Then we get looked down upon:
"Hur dur why don't you get rid of the plastic?"

Why don't you share patent-free technology to recycle it and to produce other materials?

Why do you steal and patent our resins and mass produce it only for yourselfs?

I obviously don't mean that EU is doing wrong with those measures.

I mean they still are not treating the problems as worldwide nor taking the accountability for inducing for years (even some years that follow such measures) on other countries all the things they today demonize.

Break patents.
Share technology.
Buy and stimulate goods made with clean and green production in the South - don't steal our plants.
Tackle these problems as a global issue.

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